How to Make a Coat Hanger From Tennis Balls




Introduction: How to Make a Coat Hanger From Tennis Balls

Welcome to this instructable! optionally, you can also cut into the tennis balls to make them a space for keys! This will take around 20 minutes to make, if everything goes to plan.


  1. A wooden plank
  2. A hammer
  3. Scissors
  4. About 4 or 5 nails
  5. About 3 tennis balls
  6. p.s. I recommend using a sharp knife too

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Step 1: Hammer Strong Nails Into the Plank

This is the base of your coat hanger. Hammer it deep in to the wood, otherwise they will break!

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Tennis Balls

Make sure the hole is big enough that you can fiddle the nails in!

Step 3: Fiddle So the Hole in the Ball Shoots Into the Nail

If this doesn't work, try cutting a bigger hole with a sharp knife.

Step 4: Decorate Your Coat Hanger!

Add what you feel like to make it nicer! Use colours to enhance your hanger, and if you want write your name on it!

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2 Discussions


25 days ago

I like this idea, it's very clever!

An alternate approach just struck me - if you cut a slit in what will be the outward, front face of each ball, you could reach through with a drill and drive a screw through the backside of the ball into the wood. Then fluff up the fibers around the front slit to hide it. Then the balls would be stuck on the board very solidly.

Very neat idea, thank you for sharing! : )


Reply 25 days ago

Dear Seamster, thank you for this flawless idea! Maybe we could cut a longer slit into the front of the tennis ball it could also be used as a key holder; only more reasons why this is a good idea.