How to Make a Drill Power Water Pump - Step by Step




Make your own Homemade water Pump using drill Machine.

Step 1: List of Materials

1. White acrylic sheet

2. Metal sheet

3. PVC pipe

4. Ball bearing

5. Bike Tyre tube

6. Nuts and bolt

7. Drill Machine

Step 2: Cut the Acrylic Sheet

give the shape of centrifugal pump and also cut the round shape for inner propeller.

Step 3: Attach PVC Pipe to Acrylic Sheet

using hot air gun, mold the PVC pipe and fix it to one part of acrylic sheet

Step 4: Attach Ball Bearing to Acrylic Sheet

Step 5: Cut the Metal Sheet

Make the propeller blade using metal sheet, attach six blade to round shape acrylic sheet and attach hole propeller to water pump

Step 6: Make the Arrangement for Inlet

Make the arrangement for Inlet and joint whole part togther

Step 7: Make the Arrangement for Outlet

Step 8: Connect Drill Machine to Water Pump

Step 9: Water Pump Is Ready to Use

Step 10: Https://



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    6 Discussions


    5 months ago

    I REALLY LIKE your choice of music to this video!!!!


    Question 12 months ago on Step 10

    Good looking pump. How much suction is on the inlet side? If much this could be a easy answer to pump water from a well. Again good job.


    1 year ago

    very nice. its good to see a project that doesn't require a 3d printer, cnc , arduino, and so on. thank you for this ble.

    Very cool. And if yo use a cordless drill you can take it anywhere.