How to Make a Four Leaf Clover Pillow

Introduction: How to Make a Four Leaf Clover Pillow

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I have a thing about pillows.  I love them.  In fact I have a Pintrest board called: " What is it about me and Pillows”.  You can see it here,  Yes, that just about sums it up.  Than you add to that, that my favorite color is green, I was compelled to create this “Four Leaf Clover Pillow.”  Let’s get started.

Step 1:

1/3 yard green felt ($6/yd.)
10” x 10” pillow form (+/- $6)
Sewing machine with green thread
Light green embroidery floss ($.29 a skein)
Embroidery needle
4 inch heart (for a pattern)
Straight pins
Small round container (to make the curves of the scalloped edge)
Pen or pencil
Masking tape

I am assuming you are able to do some basic embroidery stitches such as the running stitch and blanket stitch.

Step 2:

Cut 1 – 12” x 12” square of the green felt, this will be the front, and 2 – 12” x 8” rectangles of the green felt, these, put together (overlapping in the middle) will make the back of the pillow cover.

Step 3:

On the back side of the front piece of felt, lay the masking tape to the one edge is ¾ inch away from the edge. 

Step 4:

Using the small round container and the pen or pencil, draw along the edges a scalloped design.  

Step 5:

Remove the tape and cut the scallops out all along all 4 edges.  I cut it out of both the top and the bottom pieces at the same time.  This was a mistake, because I never quite got them lined up again.  Wait to cut the scallops on the back pieces once you have the back sewed to the front.

Step 6:

Trace 4 – 4” hearts from the left over felt. 

Step 7:

Turn the front piece over so that you won't seen any stray pen marks.  Lay the heart on the front piece of felt and to form a 4 leaf clover.  Pin in place with straight pins.

Step 8:

Using the light green embroidery floss, tack town the leaves where they touch each other.  I just ran the floss up through one leaf edge and straight across and down the neighboring leaf edge.

When all the neighboring walls were connected, I used a blanket stitch, to tack down the outer edges, going around all 4 leaves.

The final part of embroidery was a running stitch that went down the center of each leaf

Step 9:

Place the completed top over the bottoms, remembering the bottom two pieces are to overlap in the middle.  Use the straight pins to pin the front to the back.  With your sewing machine, sew the pieces together 1 inch from the edge. Now take the time to cut the bottom scallops to match the top scallops. 

Step 10:

Pull the finished cover over the pillow form, through the over lapping hole in the back.

Step 11:

  Yes! It looks great!  Enjoy!

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    2 Discussions

    Cute! And not too festive so you can use it whenever and not be like the weird person with their Christmas tree still up.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That is why the cover can be removed from the form. Use the same pillow form and put different covers on for different times of the year. Thanks for looking.