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Did you Know that rotating a DC motor generates energy..?

We will be using this technique to make a free energy generator for our projects. The motor here used is a Geared 6v, 50rpm DC motor. The multimeter reading shows that this generator can output upto 16v at 300mA, enough for small projects.

Watch the video and make a free Electricity generator from a DC motor at home..

For written instructions, read further..

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Step 1: Order Parts

  1. Geared DC motor -
  2. Hot Glue Gun -
  3. Ice Cream Sticks -

  1. Geared DC motor -
  2. Hot Glue Gun -
  3. Ice Cream Sticks -

  1. Geared DC motor -
  2. Hot Glue Gun -
  3. Ice Cream Sticks -

From Home & Local Store - Cardboard, thermocol (or wooden plank) and wooden sticks.

Step 2: Procedure

  1. On a piece of Thermocol, make space for DC motor.
  2. Using adhesive, paste the thermocol on the cardboard base. (Note: Do watch the video for visual clarity of procedure).
  3. Also, paste the motor on the thermocol piece.
  4. Cut a small piece of skewer and tightly attach it vertically to the motor shaft.
  5. Take a small ice cream stick and Drill a hole at the side.
  6. Glue it perpendicular to the skewer attached to motor shaft.
  7. Take another stick and drill a hole.
  8. Attach a Skewer to the stick and paste it on the stick connected to motor.
  9. Our Free Energy Generator is Ready
  10. Connect a LED on a breadboard and Rotate the motor using the Handle
  11. The LED turns ON with full brightness (If LED doesn't turn ON then change the direction of rotation)
Note: I connected about 8 LEDs and a 9v DC motor, this generator did provide enough current to power all the components.
However, I yet did not test the limit for this generator. If anyone one makes this, surely share the experiences in comments section.

So guys, this here concludes the instructable, do come back soon for new ones or click Subscribe to receive regular updates.

All the best..:)

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    4 weeks ago

    Where is the free energy? you talking about .it's not free because if force is acting on DC motor generates where is meaning of "free".energy is created by energy itself we can only convert or change it's form.there is no free energy in universe you can store energy but not generate free energy so please don't put free on this project .
    That's what I was thinking.


    6 months ago

    So to achieve the free energy part someone will have to come to my house and turn the handle for free then = RIGHT !!……………..Nothing but a reg SHHEPLE !!


    Reply 1 year ago

    The LEDs and motor works only with the energy generated by the motor, rotated barely with hands that is the only reason it is named as free electricity generator, we do not need to pay any price for this, except, ofcourse some work done by hands and yes, the setup does cost few bucks.


    3 years ago

    cool video #Techgenie

    Will it work for a 48Volt-1000Watt DC motor?/...

    How much will be the expected power produced from it??...