How to Make a Great Spider Shock Mount for Any Microphone




Introduction: How to Make a Great Spider Shock Mount for Any Microphone

Spider Shockmount is designed to provide microphones with enhanced isolation from mechanical noise.

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Step 1: Make / Get a Ring

Get a ring (strong) or make one out of anything with a big diameter such as from pvc pipe.. I got one from junk yard made of aluminum.

Step 2: Make Holes

Make four holes in the ring in cross....

Step 3: Steel Wires

Using steel wires , make the exact shape...i made it about 5 cm from the center circle to the end.

Step 4: Attachments

Attach these four steel wires with the ring using nut and bollts.

Step 5: Make / Get Another Ring With a Small Diameter

Step 6: Make Holes

Make 4 more holes in the ring with smaller diameter in cross.

Step 7: Making Steel Bent Strips

Using this steel roll , cut a strip of about 4 cm. Make a hole into the center of it. Bend it from the sides as shown. I also made them round. You can do it without making it round.

Step 8: Attaching Steel Strips

Attach the strips by nut and bolts.

Step 9: Attaching a Microphone Holder Clip to the Smaller Diameter.

To attach your microphone into the spider shock mount you have to attach a holder clip to the smaller diameter with a curled / bended steel strip as shown in the figure.

Step 10: OUCH !!!! Be Careful With Ur Tools Like Drill.

Step 11: Make a Steel Strip and Attach Its One Side to the Bigger Ring and the Other to the Microphone Holder Clip.

Step 12: Using a Rubber Band Do It With a Same Pattern.

Step 13: All Done :')

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    Nice! Glad you were no hurt too bad