How to Make a Mini DIY LAWN MOWER / Tutorial

Introduction: How to Make a Mini DIY LAWN MOWER / Tutorial


Step 1: In Today’s Video I Am Going to Show How to Make Mini DIY Lawn Mower.

Step 2: In My Case It Is an Upgraded Version of a Lawn Mower With a Power Bank, Rotation Speed Regulating Unit, Etc.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: In Case If You Can’t Buy All of That, You Just Could Make the Same Lawn Mower With a Speed Rotation Regulating Unit and a Power Bank.

Step 6: You Need to Find a Motor and a Power Supply Unit))

Step 7: Guys and Girls, I Hope You Will Like the Idea and Will Repost the Share the Video.

Step 8: I Hope It Won’t Be Much of a Bother! Good Luck to Everyone!

Have a good mood because it is summer!!)) Hurrah!!)



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    8 months ago

    Ingenious! Love the size!

    The knife blade is a good idea but it's pretty dangerous if the blade meets some harder material it can break and fly and pierce into the wood. (hopefully only that ) But great stuff thanks! :)

    where did you get your parts? what is the list of parts that i need to purchase in order to build one of these?

    I sure wish I could go buy one of these puppies! It would be something even I, a senior, could use in the tricky bits the garden tractor can't reach! You make my mouth water for one of these. (I'm not mechanically literate). LOL. Makes me wish I was. Nice job!