How to Make a No-Sew Classic Mystique Costume

Introduction: How to Make a No-Sew Classic Mystique Costume

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We Love Colors presents the most popular costumes for Halloween 2016.

A classic and one of the most popular costumes for females is Mystique.

A shapeshifting mutant who captivates the hearts of those around her with her sex appeal, witt and blood thirsty nature. A powerful woman not to be trifled with.

Luckily we put together an easy step-by-step tutorial that does not include any sewing, for how to make Mystique from X-Men. All products are listed at the bottom.

The easiest no-sew classic Mystique you will ever make.


Make-Up Supplies:

  • Blue face paint and eye pencil
  • Bright red lipstick, lip pencil or face paint (for lips and eyebrows)
  • Face sponge
  • Gold contacts (optional)

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Step 1: How to Make No-Sew Classic Mystique Costume

  1. Cut open the sides of the imperfect tights to make a long strip or cut a rectangle out of fabric.
  2. Pleat your fabric on both sides several times and attach it to a pair of imperfect tights in white to serve as a belt.
  3. Attach the pleated section to the belt.
  4. Measure on your waist for where to add velcro to attach.
  5. Attach velcro CAREFULLY cut each skull in half, you will need approx. 16.
  6. Spray paint each skull face. Set one skull aside for your headband later.
  7. (NOT PICTURED IN VIDEO) Spray paint boots if they did not start white OR using extra fabric/imperfect make boot covers to pull over them.
  8. Attach the skulls over the pleated fabric and belt to hide your seams.
  9. Cut the sleeves off your turtleneck leotard.
  10. (NOT PICTURED IN VIDEO) Using the extra skull from earlier, and some extra imperfects or fabric, make a headband by measuring your head and gluing the seams for cuts underneath the skull.
  11. Make a cut in the middle of your tights for your head.
  12. Pull on your leotard.
  13. Apply your makeup. Let dry and/or seal.
  14. Pull on your headband.
  15. Apply eyebrows, lips and eyes.
  16. Attach belt, put on boots and gloves.

Step 2: How to Finish Your Classic Mystique Costume

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