How to Make a Paper Honeycomb Ball




To make paper honeycomb ball you will need Paper (two colors), Pencil, Glue, Roller scale, Thread and Scissors only.

Step 1: Basic Cutting

Take color paper (any two colors) and cut out six circles from each. Fold these circles in a half and fold in quarters. When done this open all folds.

Step 2: Pasting

Apply glue in half fold edge and paste together (For details see in picture). Apply this method to all circles. Now, draw a line both side of half quarter. To details of line, please see in picture.

Step 3: Final Work

Apply glue in quarter fold edge and paste it other piece. Continue this till end of all circles. Now take a piece of thread and placed it on the center and used glue for paste. Now, open and paste first circle piece with last circle piece.

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