How to Make a Paper Plane That Flies Far | SPIRIT





Introduction: How to Make a Paper Plane That Flies Far | SPIRIT

In this tutorial, I'm gonna show you how to make a very cool paper airplane designed by Kevin Saunders. He calls this model "Spirit".

Paper size: 21cm x 21cm Difficulty: Easy ✈ TOP 30 PAPER PLANES IN THE WORLD:

✈ Flying tip: If your paper plane goes up then dives, bend the elevators at the back slightly downward. Keep adjusting until the plane flies straight and level.

✈ More easy paper planes: Nakamura lock: Ultimate paper plane #2:

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✈ Paper plane models (can not fly) F18 Hornet: F16 Fighting Falcon: ✈ DO NOT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE: for more awesome paper airplanes and other cool origami models.



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