How to Make a Paper Shuriken




Introduction: How to Make a Paper Shuriken

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In this instructable, you'll learn how to make a shuriken out of folded paper. A shuriken is also know as a throwing star. But no worries - this paper shuriken is much safer than the original! Keep reading to learn how to fold your own shuriken.

Step 1: Get One Piece of Origami Paper

Get one piece of origami paper. Any square piece of paper will work too. You only need one piece of paper. I know there are two in the picture, but you only need one!

Step 2: Cut in Half

Fold the paper in half, then cut so you have a reference.

Step 3: Fold in Half

Fold both pieces in half the long way.

Step 4: Fold It in Half the Other Way

Fold it in half the other way

Step 5: Unfold

Unfold the last fold you made.

Step 6: Fold the Top Half on Both Pieces

Fold the top half on both pieces, but do it in opposite directions.

Step 7: Fold the Bottom Half of Both Pieces

Fold the bottom half of both pieces in opposite directions.

Step 8: Flip

Turn over both pieces.

Step 9: Fold the Two Squarish Pieces Into Triangles

Fold the squarish pieces at the top and bottom in into triangles on both pieces.

Step 10: Fold in the Triangles

Fold the triangles into the body of both pieces.

Step 11: Put the Pieces on Top of Each Other

Put the pieces of top of each other.

Step 12: Fold in the Flaps

Fold the triangles into the pockets of the body.

Step 13: Now You're Done!

Enjoy your shuriken :)

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OK, thanks! People did this in my grade and I think they might have used index cards. (I wouldn't know becuase I never made one and they got banned from my grade. My dean even went room to room at took them himself!)

by the way if you don't have Oragami paper regular paper works just as well if you cut it

I had to ask my husband to help me!! I found it so hard!!


me my mr not to make

That was a good instructable, good job to whom made it

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