How to Make a Robot

Introduction: How to Make a Robot

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In this project you will need

  1. Arduino mini pro 5V
  2. 4 * micro servos 180degrees
  3. 4 * 22k potentiometer
  4. NmH Battery 4.8V
  5. Wires, Button, Switch
  6. Balsa wood,
  7. Metal, PlasticZip Ties and Glue

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Step 1:

Teach mode: After a reset the robot arm follows the teach in arm while simple mapping the analog inputs every 25ms to the servo motors. Pressing the button stores each servo position in a array

Play mode: Double press the button switch to play mode. The sketch reads the array step by step and and moves the robot arm. For cool loocking movements i added a routine calculates different micro steps for each servo to have moving start and end sync on all axis. Also added a ramp for soft increase/decrease velocity. Shorter travel distances the robot does slow, longer distances with faster speed. Its all about timing so my thoughts in this moment

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Step 2: Code

click here download the code - Download

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