How to Make a Simple Bluetooth/aux Speaker

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hai friends

in this instructables i am goiing to make a simple,cheap and awsome looking Bluetooth/aux speaker. its very easy to make.

this speaker is very light weight and portable.its powerfull 3w speaker gives decent bass and quality sound experiance and the best is its battery backup. it works more than 12 hrs on a single full charge (its powered by 3.7v1000mah cell.

Step 1: Making Video

Step 2: Gathering the Parts

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Step 4: Connections

connect battery to pam module via switch,connect one channel of aux port to one channel to pam module,and to the same channel connect the output of blutooth receiver,connect battery to bluretooth through a switch.connect speaker at the output of the same channel of pam module


note. i am not connected charger module

you can connect positive of battery to positive of module and negative to negative

Step 5: Case Making

you can make your case with your idea

i am going with cylindrical one.

this one very simple i am using only a pvc pipe and to bottle caps

Step 6: Enjoy the Music


happy making

drop ur doubts and comments

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    3 months ago

    nice work