How to Make a Small Paper Vase




This is a small paper vase made from two different colored papers. The papers are cut into pieces, folded and then joined with each other like a chain

Please go through the instructable on how to make this small paper vase

Step 1: Cut Paper Into Pieces

  • You need 12.5 cm x 5 cm size paper strips of 36 pieces in each color. (Total 72 pieces)
  • Take A4 or any size papers of two different colors and cut required number of strips to size

Here I have used pink and light green colored papers for making the vase

Step 2: Fold the Paper Strips

  • Take one strip of any color and fold it in half longitudinally
  • Once again fold it in half, so that the width of fold is 12.5 mm, having 4 folds
  • Now fold at middle and then at 1/4th portion to form like a square
  • Finally fold edges inside and make a "V" shape as shown

We need to fold all 72 pieces like this

Step 3: Start Connecting the Folded Strips

  • Take one pink folded strip and one light green strip
  • Insert light green strip through the pink one as shown. This will form a "L" shape with both the colored strips
  • Continue connecting strips in a zigzag manner

Step 4: Make Rings

  • Connect 9 pieces of pink and 9 pieces of light green to form one length of chain
  • Fold the chain to a round shape and insert one end to another to close the ring
  • Make 4 such rings with folded strips

Step 5: Close Bottom

  • Place one ring on a piece of card stock and draw the circular outline
  • Cut the card stock to size and attach the bottom with glue

Step 6: Glue All 4 Segments Together

  • Glue on edges of each ring and join them together.
  • Allow the glue to dry.

Our small Paper Vase is ready. You can use the vase to keep stationary items on your table or keep paper flowers in it



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