Clay Sugar Skull





Introduction: Clay Sugar Skull

What you will need:


-Carving tools


Step 1: Roll Into a Ball, the Size of a Golf Ball But Smaller Than a Tennis Ball

Step 2: Pinch a Hole With Your Thumb Leave an Inch Deep

Step 3: Pinch Into an Egg Shape

Step 4: Form the Jaws by Pinching the Sides of the Bottom

Step 5: Add Two Marble Size Balls to Make Cheek Bones

Step 6: Smooth Out the Cheek Bones But Not All the Way Make Sure You Can Still See the Cheek Bone Bumps

Step 7: Carve Out Holes for the Eyes Use Your Pinky to Make the Shape of the Eyes or Use a Hole Cutter

Step 8: For the Nose Do Two Tear Drops or Do an Up Side Down Heart

Step 9: For the Mouth Carve in the Teeth



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    Vinegar is used as glue because its softens the clay enough to stick together and to fix cracked clay.

    This would be a cute kid's project for Dia de los Muertos!