How to Make a Super-Bad Rave Mask (LED)




Introduction: How to Make a Super-Bad Rave Mask (LED)

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This instructable will show you the ins and outs of making a simple rave mask that is sure to impress your buddies/girlfriends.

You will need:

A welding mask
A LED kit
Soldering iron
Spare wire
Heat shrink jackets
Zip ties
A switch

Sorry in advance for the sideways pictures.  Instructables doesn't play nice with sideways camera-phone pictures.

Step 1: Grab a Welding Mask and Make Some Holes.

For the first step, go to and buy a welding mask.  It doesn't really matter which one you buy.

For this mask, I just bought the cheapest one (I'm not going to actually weld anything).  Take the headstrap out by unscrewing it.

NOTE:  the kit's units (LEDs) come in threes.  Drill your holes accordingly. (I just traced a template on a piece of scrap cardboard to help me measure).

Step 2: Wire It Up, Boss.

The next step involves wiring an extension between where you will need extra wire to mount the units, as the basic kit comes with all of the units wired in series.  The kit i used was from thatscoolwire.

I opted not to use the included electrical screws, since I've gotten better at soldering.  I used rubber heat shrink jackets to protect the connections.

NOTE:  the kit's units (LEDs) come in threes.  Drill your holes accordingly. (I just traced a template on a piece of scrap cardboard to help me measure).

Step 3: STICK IT!

I glued the units in so that the light nubs went into the holes I drilled using my template. You can use pretty much any type of adhesive you want, but I used hot glue because it's fast, quick, easy, and doesn't smell like dookie.

Remember, this is going right to your face.  Don't use rubber cement or other smelly glues or you'll start feeling woozy (Unless you're in to that.  After all, this is a Rave mask)


NOTE:  Leave the connector or the power lead at the top.  You will need it here to connect to the power supply that which is...

Step 4: Headgear

...STRAPPED TO THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD.  As if you couldn't be more of a robot, here's some power cells to prove it. Use a zip-tie, or whatever you please to secure the battery pack from the kit to the headband. 

NOTE:  Leave the lead for the battery on the same side as the power to for the LEDs which are already mounted to the mask.

Step 5: Switch Up

You could be done at this point.  You can just hook and un hook the connector to complete the circuit, or you could be totally awesome and install a SWITCH!  you can find these at Radio Shack for about $3 bucks. just tie it in to the positive feed from the battery.

Cut the adapter off of the battery lead.  Cut the Adapter off of the wire coming from the LEDs.  Solder the two negatives (un marked) together and apply a heat shrink jacket. Solder the switch in line with the two (now) loose ends; one from the battery, one from the LED.

You can put the switch anywhere you want.  I chose the side of the mask, because I wanted to be able to show the switch off easily.  I have a friend who's installed his next to the battery so that it's concealed.

Step 6: The End.

Dance at parties like a boss.  Take the Shade 5 glass out of the front to see better.  I just switched it out for the clear glass already in the front of the view.

Sorry about the blurry photo.  It was hard for the camera to focus with the brightness of the LEDs.  They're really bright.  Also, don't drive with this on.  Policemen will stop you and ask to wear it.  Trust me, I know.


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