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Introduction: How to Make an IR Blaster

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Hi Everyone,

In this Video I'm Trying to make an IR blaster.

An infrared blaster (or IR blaster) is a device that emulates an infrared remote control to autonomously control a device that is normally controlled only by remote control key presses. ... Another common use is to extend infrared signals in order to place remote controlled products behind closed doors.

I'm going to Make a IR blaster for Smartphones which will connect to your device using a 3.5mm Jack

This a Myth-buster instructable to prove that does the IR blaster for the phone work?

There are lot of videos regarding this stating it works,some say it doesn't work.

Lets find out if there is any truth or its just a Myth.

Step 1: Parts Required

1x 3.5mm Aux cable ( I had broken one lying down so I used that, You can alos get a standalone 3.5MM which can be easier

2x IR leds

small Piece of 6mm heat-shrink tubing (optional)

You will need Hot glue gun & a Soldering Iron

Step 2: Understanding the Led

I'm sure if you have dealt with leds then you will know hot find out anode & cathode. Nevertheless

I will tell you how to find out alway the long lead is the Anode(+) & the short lead is the cathode(-).

For reference check the images

Step 3: Connect the Two Led in Series

Connect the two led in series where in positive(+ Anode) of led 1 should be connected to the negative(- cathode) of led 2 & positive(+ Anode) of led 2 should be connected to negative(- cathode) of led 1.

Check the image for reference.

Step 4: Connecting the Leds

Please check the Image on how to connect the Led to the 3.5 mm Jack

Step 5: Final Finishing

After you have soldered it it should look something like the image shown.

You can use some heat shrink to to give good finishing I did't feel like giving a finishing as this was just a test


Step 6: Download the App

In order for this to work you the ZAZA remote App (

go to advance settings

Increase the Macro key sending gap to 1000 MS & turn on the audio reversal


test results prove that it works However there are limitations. Like range & audio Drivers of the phone.

This is DIY IR blaster is not compatible with all the Handset if you have good sound driver in your phone it will work. For some reason it didn't work on my other sony phone.

My suggestion would be to try and make one and check if it works and then if you want you can buy

from the link

You can check My Youtube Video for the making.

Thank you......



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    I've made it and it actually worked! Well done J.I.Y!:-) Only question is how to extend the range to be 5 to 10 meters?

    2 replies

    Welldone. The it would be difficult.but I will do my research and check

    Why we need 2 or led.if for receiving and sending then in REMOTE WHY THERE IS ONLY ONE IR LED.PLEASE ANSWER.

    4 more answers

    In remote you have a PCB which designated remote for the particular appliance.and What I have done over here is connected head
    jack with LED and as I had explained it earlier two led in series will help in managing the polarity

    As tested you can still use one LED

    As Leds have a + & - lead (leds don't work on reverse polarity) if you look at the wiring diagram i have connected the + lead of one LED to the - lead of the other led &
    - lead of the other Led to + of the other Led.
    So this way I can connect the two led without thinking about the polarity as other wise i will be little difficult to get the polarity correct

    In remote you have a PCB which designated remote for the particular appliance.and What I have done over here is connected head
    jack with LED and as I had explained it earlier two led in series will help in managing the polarity

    Well, maybe try telling us why you're unable. What's troubling you with that step?

    I just built it today, it worked! Just make sure the jack gets all the way in, as mine was having a hard time recognizing it because it wasn't all the way inside. I guess it's because I bought a generic one.

    I bought some 940nanometer infrared LED emitters and tried it and didn't work. I was about to buy one prebuilt infrared blaster but gave up because I assume the Moto G4 Plus has some faulty sound driver somewhere along the way.

    Just so everyone knows this is a spoof, it will not work for 2 reasons.
    An audio output would not provide the logic output to send any IR singnalling to actually function.
    The wires are twised and shorted, it will not do anyhting.

    1 reply

    It didn't work for me with the app posted here, but it did with "DSLR Remote" to control my DSLR's shutter. *It works!* I just saved 20 bucks on an original remote!

    I still have to find an app that lets me use it with a TV, as the Audio Reversal option keeps disabling itself after I activate it, but I didn't believe it'd work either, and I'm so glad it did.

    I have a Moto G4 Plus, btw.

    Why need 2 diodes/led?

    Will it work on my asus zenfone c

    how can we find out left and right on the LED...

    Please help me....
    I have a doubt in connecting the IR to the
    3.5mm jack... where I have to actually connect the both strings...??? please help