How to Make an Up-cycled Lamp

This is a brief, step to step guide on how to make an up-cycled lamp. this lamp was inspired by tribal setting and was created with already available material. However, the lamp stand is from Ikea along with the light bulb. 

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Step 1:

  1. Collect the hangers
  2. Bend them out
  3. Put them together in a cross pattern

Step 2:

4. Cut off the hooks on the hangers
5. Attach the hangers to the base of the lamp (stand)
6. Use the tape to put them together and make them stable. A

Step 3:

7. Get a used up fur coat
8. Cut the fur off
9. wrap it around the base of the lamp stand

Step 4:

10. Gather feathers from used up duster
11. Separate them
12. Trim the bottoms down to a usable length
13. Stick them on to the top of the lamp so that they form a sort of canopy. 

Step 5:

14. Get a Belly dancing belt
15. Cut it up into a thin strip
16. Wrap it around the base of the lamp

Step 6:


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