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Hey guys today im going to show you how to make the Marauders map from harry potter this is what you will need:

a printer

parchment paper or regular paper

straight paper cutter or scissors

and a glue stick

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Step 1: The Templates

here are two templates, if you are using a colored parchment paper and would like one without a background, use the "clear marauders map file" I created or if you're using a white parchment or regular paper use the "Marauders map file" (I did not make these templates I found them from the YouTube channel that I included in this instructable) here is the original(

Step 2: Cutting and Gluing

once you have printed out the templates you now need to cut them, I used a straight paper cutter to get best cut I could, one you have cut them, you need to line the designs up and get ready to glue, once they are all lined up you need to glue them down and once it's dry you need to fold it accordion style on the crease lines, if you need help you can refer to this video I found, it helped me fold them, I really loved making this and I hope you do to, if you make this please share a picture and encourage others, thanks for Reading

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    3 months ago on Step 2

    Your map looks wonderful but your instructable really needs more instructions. Its great that you provide the file, but the next step is just put it together with no guide as to how. Following the instructions I've printed out the files do I fold it? Where do I glue? How do i put it together? You also reference a video to help but you don't actually say how anyone can view said video.

    1 reply

    4 months ago

    Hi there, this map looks amazing... but where can I find the instructions? Thanks!