How to Measure RPM of Motor

Introduction: How to Measure RPM of Motor

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Hello! in this video I show you the easiest way to measure RPM of motor. All you need is tape and microphone! And Audacity.


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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    yes, video is not available but, if i did understand, it s a clever way.
    for those that didn't t get:

    you should run the motor with the tape in the axis and partially hit the tape with something for some time (5-10 sec) recording the noise with some audio analyzer software.
    then, in the software you just count how many noise spikes there are in a time space and adjust the math for one minute (ex. 100 spikes in 2 seconds = 3000 rpm).

    great idea but you should improve your instructables


    4 years ago