How to Open a Plastic Twist Pen

Introduction: How to Open a Plastic Twist Pen

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Have a plastic twist pen that no longer writes, but that you want to put back into use with a new refill?

Can't figure out how to open the plastic twist pen?

Fear not here are some tips to help you out.

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Step 1: How to Open?

The pen will twist and click.

Clockwise to extend the writing tip out of the pen.
Counter clockwise to retract the writing tip back into the pen (and keep it from leaking in your shirt pocket).

Ignore this. This is the ruse that tricked you into seeking this solution.

To open the pen you will ignore the twist and click and simply pull the front half of the pen from the second half.

Firmly grasp each end of the pen in each hand. Use the metal ring as the dividing line. Now simply play tug of war and pull the pen apart. Avoid twisting.

You should get the friction rings on the lower half of the pen (extends about a cm above the ring) to let go of the top half.

It should pop and you'll have the following parts:

Bottom half of pen
Metal ring band (may be fused to bottom half)
A ball point refill insert
A spring on the bottom of the ink insert
A plastic cap on the top of the ink insert
Top half of pen

Step 2: Changing Ink Refill

Most office supply places will sell you inexpensive ball point refills. You can also scavenge them from lesser ball point pens.

You should measure the ball point length to make sure the length matches. Notice my new inserts are too short.

You'll also want to see if the ink refill has a pinched section to keep the spring in place. If it doesn't you might be able to hack a pinched knock with pliers, but take care to not choke the flow of ink or let it leak.

Go ahead and transfer the spring from the old ball point insert to your new one.

Put the new insert with the old spring into the bottom half of the pen and see if the tip comes out when pressure is applied.

Step 3: Reassemble Twist Click Ink Pen

To put your pen back together simply put the twist cap back on the top half of the ink refill.

Put the top half of the pen on top and push the two halves of the pen back together using the same firm two grip method you used to open the pen.

If you have a small gap after assembling, twist the pen to extend the tip and then push the two halves together to close the gap.

Now check to see if your new refill works!

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    I have a pen like this, but it's damaged and doesn't appear to open correctly. What can I do to get it to work?


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    Finally! Thank you so much