How to Prepare an Adobe Illustrator File for a CNC Embroidery Machine




Introduction: How to Prepare an Adobe Illustrator File for a CNC Embroidery Machine

This Instructable you will learn how to convert an Adobe Illustrator file to a file readable by a CNC embroidery machine using the DIgitizer Pro software.

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Step 1: Create an Adobe Illustrator File and Save As an EPS File

Once you have finished your Illustrator file, go to the File tab and select Save As.  Name your file and select EPS as your file type.

Step 2: Open Digitizer Pro Software

Open up the Digitizer Pro software which is called 'Easy Design'.

Step 3: Open Your EPS File

Select the Image tab and choose 'Insert Image'.  Find your EPS file and open it.  Select 'All Files' under 'Files of Type' if this is not set as your default, which will make your file easier to find.

Step 4: Move Image Within Hoop

Once your file appears use the cursor to move the image around within the red square.  The red square indicates where the machine can embroider.

Step 5: Embroidery Options

Select the Embroidery tab and choose 'Click to Design', then select the 'Advanced' option.

Step 6: Stitch Options

Select your desired stitch options for Fills and Detail, then click on the 'Image Preparation' box.  Once the 'Image Preparation' window opens make sure the number of colors you would like is entered correctly (white will be read as a color).  Click OK.

Step 7: Color Options

Drag colors to proper box then click OK

Step 8: Save File As a Janome Design

Save your new file as a Janome Design (*.JAN).  This file will not be the file you take to the CNC embroiderer machine, but is a file that you can continue to edit with if need be.

Step 9: Save File As a PES

Save your file again as a PES file.  There are a few options to choose from, but the machine at TechShop San Francisco has a hoop size of 180 x 130.  Be sure NOT to save this PES file within a folder so you can find it easily once you bring the file to the actual CNC embroiderer.  Once you have saved your PES file you are ready to use the machine.

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totally just paid $60 for this same information in a tech shop class... Thanks for sharing!