How to Print T-shirts + Washing Test




Introduction: How to Print T-shirts + Washing Test

Have you ever wondered how to print your own t-shirt? It's not that hard. Today I will show you how to print t-shirt using heat press transfer paper and it is so easy.

Step 1: You Will Need

Heat press transfer paper


Printer (I used inkjet printer with laser printer I have bad experience)

T-shirt (I everytime used white cotton)

Step 2: Choose Your Image and Mirror It

Choose your image what you want print and mirror it. (I used for mirror MS paint)

Step 3: Print the Image

Put the heat press transfer paper to the printer and print it.

Step 4: Cut Off the Borders

Cut off the borders. It is not mandatory, but you will have a glossy surface there.

Step 5: Iron the Picture

Put the picture on t-shirt and iron it.

Step 6: Take Off the Paper

After ironning wait for 2 minutes and begin take off the paper.

Step 7: Washing

Turn the garment inside out, wash in water with max 30°C

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