How to Properly Connect and Set Up a Mini HiFi Shelf System (Sound System)




Introduction: How to Properly Connect and Set Up a Mini HiFi Shelf System (Sound System)

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I am a person that enjoys learning about electrical engineering. I am a high school at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. I am making this instructable to help out anyone that wants to enjoy their music from a Mini LG HiFi Shelf System (Sound System).

Features included in this tutorial:

  1. Function Selector CD,
  2. Tuner, USB Host, Bluetooth®
  3. Front Speaker System 2 way
  4. Subwoofer System

Step 1: Setting Up the Right Front Speaker

  • Find a flat surface where the sound system can be placed
  • Place the right front speaker on the surface first

Step 2: Placement

  • Make sure you also place the Function Selector on top to connect all wires

Step 3: Connecting Right Front Speaker

  • Connect the wires from the right front to the Function Selector. (make sure the wires match the color on the connector button)

Step 4: Placement of Subwoofer and Connection

  • Next place the the Subwoofer System in between the Right Front and the Function Selector
  • Connect the Subwoofer to the Function Selector ( Orange cable goes into the Orange Section on the back of the Subwoofer)

Step 5: Connection of Antenna

  • Make sure to place the antenna on top of the surface in order to connect
  • Connect the wire with the white protector in the bottom
  • Connect the wire with the silver top to the top.

Step 6: Left Front Speaker Placement

  • Place the Function Selector to the front of the surface
  • Place the Left Front Speaker behind the Function selector

Step 7: Connecting the Left Front Speaker

  • To connect the Left Front Speaker make sure the you match the white wire and the black wire with the correct in-ports
  • Push the buttons to open up the slot to place the tip of the wire in the slot.

Step 8: Plug in and Turn on !

  • After everything is done plug into an outlet of an extension cord
  • Turn the Mini HiFi Shelf System (Sound System) on.
  • Enjoy!

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    2 years ago

    Those are nice speakers :)