How to Quickly Make a Pompom Rug




Introduction: How to Quickly Make a Pompom Rug

We have spools of yarn leftover from a yarn art I made last year and they're just sitting in the stockroom so I decided to make a pompom rug for our little girls' playroom.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Spools of yarn

Plastic rug grid


wooden frame

Step 2: Wrap the Yarn Around the Wooden Frame.

Tie the yarns tightly with about 2 inches of space in between.

Step 3: Cut the Yarn in Between.

Adjust the yarn to make a more rounded shape pompom.

Step 4: Tie the Pompoms on the Rug.

You can randomly mix all the colors or arrange them to your liking.

Step 5: Let the Little Feet Enjoy the Colorful Rug. =)

Take a picture and enjoy =)



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    18 Discussions

    How many Wraps of the Yarn around frame and What size Frame did you use?

    How many times do you go around the frame? I want my pom poms to be alike. 20 times enough or more? I will be using 2 colors. I want to make a baseball themed rug

    What are the dimensions of the wooden frame? I am so going to try this way of making pom poms!!

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    The Dollar Tree non-slip underlay that I used is 18 in by 28 in. I wanted to make a larger rug, so using 2 packages, I cut the edges to make them even, and then Iknotted the two pieces together.

    However, my pompom rug, is turning into a bedspread for my granddaughter, because she said that she was going to use the rug for a blanket.


    You can do all kinds of things to the edges. While my Dollar Tree non skid does not Fray, I ended up turning my pompom rug into a bedspread, and added fabric that I have hand sewn to the edges.


    Great idea for making multiple pom poms at once. How many pom poms do you need to make per square foot of backing? And is there a way that you know of to keep the backing from fraying since it would have some cut edges?

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    The backing I bought from Dollar Tree does not fray.


    Thanks Vickie. My rough estimate would be about 80-100 pom poms per square foot, but this would depend on the size of the pomps you'll make. To keep the backing from fraying you can use duct tape. Also, if you use the harder plastic rug for backing it won't fray as much.

    This is one of those slap myself in the forehead moments!! Why did I never think of this before?? Thanks for sharing!

    I love how you made bulk pompoms so quickly! Nicely done! I love it. :)

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    Where do you get the "plastic rug grid"? I'd love to do this project with my kids! Thanks! jennifer weeklyhoot @

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    Hi Jennifer, you can get this plastic rug grid from fabric stores or craft stores like Michael's. =)

    i wasn't expecting such a mass production technic for the pompoms! i'll remember... :)

    My daughter loves this idea. I always thought they must be difficult. Thanks for showing me it's this easy!