How to Record Your Favorite IPhone Games? (mac Version)

Introduction: How to Record Your Favorite IPhone Games? (mac Version)

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hello ladies and gents! Today I'll be presenting "How to recording your iPhonescreen in simplest way using Mac" but you can also be able to record your mac screen at the end of this project.

Unfortunately today i'll be presenting onlyfor mac users...maybe I'll be posting windows version later, after this project.

To windows user: you'll find quick time player downloadable in google, but I don't recommend it to do for your safe computer.



first of all to start this project, you will need :

1. Maclaptop (i'm using macbook pro)

2. iPhone (any)

3.iPhone Cable

4. Quick Time Player (it will probably be in your mac)


By starting this project we are going to connect your iPhone cable to computer. After you connect to your mac, open "quick time player" click on file and you'll see three possibilities, but we click on new movie recording to start recording your face. Till now it's about recording your face, But there is one final step left to record your favourite games in your iPhone.

P.S My project is to introduce recording iPhone screen, But I had to pass this step of recording the your face to record iPhone screen.


You can finish your final steps by following this steps :

1. click files

2. click new movie recording

3. while enjoying with your face you'll see a tiny arrow beside REC and click it

4. click your iPhone

and enjoy your recording!

not that hard to do, I know everyone single person can do this but I just wanted to give some help. I hope you enjoy your favourite game's records sharing with others...

thanks for watching!

if there's something wrong tell me! and i'll fix it

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