How to Reload Pistol Ammunition.

This will show you how to reload pistol ammo


.You will need the following

  • Brass
  • reloading die set for the caliber
  • a reloading press
  • a tumbler of any kind if it is made for brass
  • Primes
  • Bullets
  • powder
  • auto primer tool

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Step 1: Step 1:Pick Up Some Brass

The first step to reload pistol brass is to get some brass. If you already have some there is no such thing as having too much brass.

Step 2: Cleaning Your Brass

You want to clean your brass before you decap the case. So it does not dirty up your dies.

I use a Frankford arsenal wet tumbler that uses stainless steel pins and water. I use the pins after I decap the case. Before that, I just use water and soap to get rid of all that dirty and carbon build upon the cases.

Step 3: Decapping Your Brass

Remove the old primer using a decapping die it usually sizes it at the same time. Then you want to clean the primer pocket.

Like I said in the last slide I tumble my brass a second time with stainless steel pins which get all the crap in the primer pocket and really polish up the cases.

Step 4: Flaring Your Brass

Flaring your brass is necessary for loading the case. What it does is opens your brass up the mouth a little bit so you can start the bullet in the case without it carving off material when you seat your bullet in your case.

Step 5: Priming Your Brass

Priming the brass is pretty easy just get the right size primers if you are doing magnum brass and want extra boom use magnum primers. If your doing normal brass like 9mm Luger you will want a small pistol primer. When doing something like 45. ACP you're going to want large pistol primers. I use a Lee auto prime hand priming tool

Step 6: Loading Your Cases

Find some load data for your specific caliber. measure out the powder you have chosen and weight each powder change one at a time the worst thing you could do is double charge a case. Use a funnel to put the powder in the case and slide it into your press and put a bullet on top and follow it to the die and once you get the die slowly glide it in and seat the bullet then check the c.o.a.l (case overall length) then inspect the finished round.

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