How to Remove a Background With Photoshop

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Here are some easy steps in order to remove a background from a picture with Adobe Photoshop CC. Make sure to watch the video as you're following the steps in order to work with the same exercise files.

Step 1: Layer Unlocking

  • Make sure your layer is not locked by checking if there is a key lock next to its name.

  • If it is, unlock the layer by double clicking on it (or a simple click in CC version) and rename it.

Step 2: Option 1: Magic Wand Tool

  • Select the "Magic Wand Tool" from the left menu.
  • Choose a suitable value for the "tolerance" so that only the background gets fully selected.
  • Once it has been completely selected, simply hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Step 3: Option 2 : Pen Tool

  • Select the "Pen Tool" from the left menu.
  • Draw a "point to point" around the shape you want to preserve.
  • Click the "path" tab next to the "layers" tab, choose the path you have been drawing and double click it.
  • Rename the path in order to save it.
  • Click on the newly saved path and click on "load path as selection".
  • In the "select" menu above, choose "inverse".
  • Hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Step 4: Save Your Background Free Picture

  • In order to save your picture without any background, click "File ==> Save as" and choose the ".png" file format.



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    Nicely done. Checkout mine.

    Great first instructable. You should enter this into the First Time Authors contest.