How to Repair Broken Slats on Louvre Shutters




Introduction: How to Repair Broken Slats on Louvre Shutters

Do you have louvre shutters that have a broken slat or missing staples? If you do, here is a simple and easy way to fix it without having to spend a lot of money on materials or brand new shutters! 

This instructable walks you through how to fix both of these problems on a mini Louvre shutter. If you have the larger plantation Louvre shutters, the process is the same but you will use larger sizes on the materials. I will indicate where this is necessary as you read.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials to fix slat of a mini Louvre shade:
Louvre shutter with broken slat
1 wooden dowel stick
Wood glue

Sharp knife or razor blade
Drill and drill bit (drill bit needs to be a 1/64 inch larger than your wooden dowel)

**Note: Depending on the size of your window shade, the dowel size will change. You will need to measure or test it to get the appropriate diameter. As long as the dowel has the ability to freely rotate, the dowel will be sufficient. This is also true for the drill bit. Just be sure that the drill bit you use is 1/64 of an inch larger than the dowel you use.  

Materials to fix missing staple in a mini Louvre shade:
Screw eye #216 (you will need one for each missing staple)

Needle nose pliers

**Note: The screw eye size will change with the size of the slat. 

Step 2: Fixing a Missing Slat

Fixing the missing slat should be done first before fixing any missing staples. This will make it easier on you when trying to re-install the slat.

1. Drill a hole into the the slat where the original stud existed. The hole should be drilled carefully and deeply down down the center of the slat about a 1/2" deep.
2. Cut a piece of the dowel about 7/16" long.
3. Use a small dab of wood glue and place it in the slat hole. Insert the small dowel piece into the hole leaving a small amount extruding.
4. Insert the end of the slat that is still in tact into the hole in the shutter frame. 
5. Align the broken end into the hole on the other side of the frame. 
6. Use a sharp knife to slide the dowel out of the slat and into the hole in the frame approximately 1/4". 
7. Let the glue dry

Step 3: Fixing Missing Staples

If you examine the blinds you can see that there is a staple into the slat and a staple into the push rod. If the slat you are trying to fix is missing both staples, you will need two screw eyes and if there is a staple still intact, you will only require one screw eye per missing slat. See the pictures to get a better idea of what this means.

To fix a slat where two staples are missing,

1. Screw in one eye screw in the area where the staple was removed. 
2. Take the second eye screw and open it. To do this, I recommend you use pliers and clamp down on the threaded part. Then use needle nose pliers to open the eye.
3. Use the open eye and screw it on the opposite side that you put the first one. 
4. Use the open eye as a hook to go through the closed eye. Use the needle nose pliers to close the opened eye.
5. Check to make sure that you can fluidly use the push rod to open and close the shutter.

Once you have fixed all the missing staples, you have successfully repaired your shutter!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Did you mean larger? Larder seems a bit off, at least when talking about drill bits.
    Incredibly useful instructable. Well written, clear, good pictures. Wish I had known this a few years ago- would have saved me nearly a grand in replacement costs.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Oops. Missed that one in the proofread! Thank you for the correction!