How to Repair Flashlight Switch (Fix Tailcap Switch)




Introduction: How to Repair Flashlight Switch (Fix Tailcap Switch)

Hello, Everyone!

in This Instructable, I will share with you How to Fix the Mechanical Switch in Flashlights (this method Should Work on Most flashlights except the Old Models like Maglite )

I will demonstrate the Repair on a Skywolfeye Zoomable Torch

ok, Let's Begin :)

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Step 1: Gently Pull the Rubber Cap

*The Switch in this torch is Press-fitted, if The Switch in your Torch is Screwed in Then unscrew it first, Then pull the Rubber Cap

Step 2: Use Something Thin But Not Sharp to Push the Plastic Housing Out of the Tailcap , Tap It Gently

Step 3: Pull the Switch From the Plastic Housing

Step 4: Measure the Resistance of the Switch to Make Sure That the Problem in the Flashlight Is Caused by the Switch Not From the Pill

Step 5: Use a Thin Object to Pry Open the Switch Through the Holes on the Sides

if your Switch Does not Have Holes on the Sides Then use Something very thin

like a flat head screwdriver to wedge between the Side Crack of the switch (But Be careful not to cut yourself)

Step 6: After Opening the Switch , Clean Its 3 Pins Very Well

Use a metal File or Sand Paper to Remove any Rust from The Surface of the Conductors.

but don't file it too much, Just Scratch The Surface.

Step 7: After Cleaning the Pins, Reassemble the Switch

Step 8: Measure the Resistance of the Switch

Before the Repair The Resistance was 13 ohm, After the Repair, it Became in the Range of 0.01-0.1 OHM , Which means it became as good as new.

Step 9: Put the Repaired Switch Back in the Plastic Housing

Step 10: Insert the Rubber Cap

Step 11: Insert the Plastic Housing , Then Tap It Lightly to Secure It in the Tailcap

Step 12: Connect the Tailcap to the Flashlight and Test It

it Should Work :)

For More Details, Watch the Eembedded Video.

I hope This instructable was helpful to you

Thulfiqar Ali

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    1 year ago

    It appears I have an identicle flashlight as in the video. My problem is that when I depress the orange button to turn it on, the inside appears to slide in to the body making it useless. Any idea what may be wrong? This issue occurred shortly after I received the light and I can't seem to remedy it. I'm wondering if there might be a part missing.


    2 years ago

    If you could get some solderon the cleaned contacts your repair might last a lot longer


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the tip :)


    2 years ago

    Neat, I'm glad you could fix it :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you swansong <3