How to Repair and Remove Conduit for Electric Wires

Introduction: How to Repair and Remove Conduit for Electric Wires

Let me teach you how to easily repair and remove conduit for electric wires.
For the full guide and more tips read the post in 123 Do It Yourself blog:

Step 1: Shut Off the Electricity Flow

This step is the most important one for your own safety.

Step 2: Disconnect the Wires Near the Damage

Step 3: Pull One End of the Wires Out of the Conduit

Step 4: Unscrew or Use Pliers to Remove Conduit Supports

Step 5: Unscrew the Electrical Conduit Fittings

use a wrench to unscrew the electrical conduit fittings on both ends or use a pipe cutter or conduit saw to cut out the damaged section of conduit (depends on the size of the damage). Cut a couple of cm extra into the undamaged parts of the conduit.
Get rid of conduit pipes that were damaged

Step 6: Measurements

Measure the size of the part needed to be replaced

Step 7: Cut a Part of Conduit Tubing

With a pipe cutter or conduit saw.

Step 8: If Possible - Pull Cables Out of the Conduit

Step 9: Place the Wire in the New Conduit

Step 10: Screw Tightly

Screw tightly electric conduit connectors over your cut piece of conduit and over the existing conduit on both sides using a wrench

Step 11: Screw Back the Conduit Supports

Step 12: Pull the Wire

Pull the wire through the conduit using a threading tool.

Step 13: Reconnect the Wires to There Original Place

Step 14: Turn the Electricity Back On

Step 15: Get More Tips and Tricks

You are more then welcome to read  the full guide with more tips and tricks, for example, how to make the job much easier by attaching a fishing tape to the wires. Learn how to uninstall conduit calbes

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    If I am replacing the old wiring in a conduit, I will try to leave one or two of the old wires and use them to pull the new wire in.