How to Set Up a Metal Lathe

Introduction: How to Set Up a Metal Lathe

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this is the basic method of setting up the metal working lathe I use in my a-level engineering class. I will make an instructables on how to use each of three tools and one about how to machine circular bar.

to do this you need;

- metal bar (between 70mm and 150mm)

- a straight metal rular

- 1.5mm aluminium strips (length of 50mm and width of 14mm)

- lathe tools (groove, face off and turn down)

- a lathe

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Step 1: Preparing the Tool Clamp

before you start to insert the different tools, you need a near, clean surface to work on. use a fine paint brush to remove any swarf an fine bits of muck and dust. if there is oil on the surface, use a wet cloth to just remove as much as you can then dry the surface.

Step 2: Inserting the Tools

insert one strip of the aluminium into the tool bed and rest a took on top. if its the facing off tool, make sure it is as far into the bed as possible, this reduces machine vibration. tighten up the clamp and then place the ruler between the work that is in the chuck and the tool. don't put too much pressure onto the ruler, just enough to hold it into place.

if the ruler is 90 degrees from the tool then it is set up right. if the ruler as abit left at the top, the tool is too low. un tighten the clamp and insert another strip underneath the tool. then tighten them up and place the ruler in the same position and repeat the stage. if the ruler is straight, leave it, if not, repeat the stage until the ruler is straight.

Step 3: Remove the Rular

remove the ruler id the ruler was exactly 90 degrees. if it is then congratulations, you set your first tool up right. you can repeat this with all the tools. remember to keep all tools in as far as they can go to reduce the possibility of a poo finish.

Step 4: Begin Your Machining

you are now able to use the lathe. remember to tighten the clamp up as much as you can before starting.

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