How to Set Up the "Snake Method" for Low and Slow BBQ



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I’m going to answer one of the most asked questions, how do you light and set up your BBQ for a low and slow cook.

I like to use the snake method for low and slow cooks.

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Step 1: Start by Laying Out a Line of Charcoal Along the Edge of the BBQ Creating the “snake”.

By lining the edge of the BBQ the charcoal will slowly self-light.

Make sure the charcoal sits together well and has enough space for the air to flow through the charcoal.

Step 2: Next Place Pieces of Wood Clips Along the Snake.

As the charcoal self lights, the wood chips will smoke.

Step 3: You Can Use a Lighter Brick Like I’m Using or Newspaper.

I don't like to use newspaper because it leaves to much soot in the BBQ.

Light and place under the chimney.

Step 4: The Flame From the Lighter Will Be Draw Up the Chimney and Light the Charcoal.

After about 10 minutes the charcoal should be nicely lit.

Step 5: Pour the Charcoal Into the Centre of the BBQ.

Using an old pair of bbq tongs move the lit charcoal to the start of the snake.

Place the grate over top and make sure to always have a temp gauge in the BBQ to monitor the heat.

Step 6: This Setup Will Give You About a 4 Hour Burn at Around 250f or 121c

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