How to Setup and Use the NEJE DK-5 Pro-5 Laser Engraver/Cutter




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NEJE DK-5 Pro-5 is a laser engraver/cutter which can be used to engrave various materials such as hard wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper and so on. You can buy it from Gearbest.

Step 1: Main Features

  • Support professional English design software.
  • 10 times faster engraving.
  • Strong and cool design, high precision and stability.
  • Unique frame and weak light automatic positioning, frame positioning makes the image positioning easier, weak light even would not be difficult to engrave in toothpicks.
  • High power and high resolution print, soft material can print out the 3D and the gradient effect.
  • Lone time use, NEJE developed the professional power IC and radiator, carving time will last much longer than other laser and more stable.
  • Truly 500mW blue and purple laser head, more higher speed, support more types of materials.
  • Can be carved items included: Hard wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper and so on.
  • Material: Acrylic + aluminum + stainless steel.
  • Image size up to 38 x 38mm.
  • Support Win 7, XP, Win 8.

Note:The NEJE DK-5 Pro-5 Laser Engraver can not engrave metal / aluminum / acrylic

Step 2: Packing Contents

  • 1 x Engraving Machine
  • 1 x Laser Protective Glasses
  • 1 x Micro SD Card (1GB)
  • 1 x Mini USB Data Cable (0.8m)
  • 1 x USB A-A Power Cable (1.2m)
  • 1 x Power Adapter (5V 1A US Plug)
  • 1 x Allen key

Step 3: Engraving Process

Engraving process is simple which is similar behavior to use a computer and printer for printing on paper but does not involve the use of inks.

Before you can use a computer and printer for printing , you need to install printer driver which allow the printer communicate with the computer, furthermore you need to install application software on your computer so that you can start your printing. The same situation applies to the Laser Engrave, you need to install the USB-Serial driver which allow the Laser Engrave talk to the computer, and you need to install the engraver software in order to control the Laser Engraver.

NEJE DK-5 Pro-5 engraver come with a 1GB micro SD card, the files on the SD card including the USB-Serial driver, engraver software and few JPG photos as shown in figure below. The software can be running on Win XP, Win 7, Win 8 & Mac system.

Alternately, the software can be download from the link below: (password for download: 864b).

Step 4: Driver Setup

  1. Do not connect the Laser Engraver to your computer.
  2. Copy all the folders & files from SD card to your computer.
  3. Browse to the folder until you see the Driver.exe executable file.
  4. Double-clicking the Driver.exe file, the driver setup menu should open up.
  5. Click on the INSTALL button to start the driver installation
  6. Connect the Laser Engraver to computer via a Mini USB data cable (without connect the USB A-A power cable), your computer should detected the USB-Serial and the laser beam is emitted from the Laser Head.

Step 5: Check If the Driver Is Installed Correctly.

Open "Device Manager" from the Windows "System Properties", check to see whether the driver is installed correctly.

Step 6: Connecting the NEJE DK-5 Pro-5 to Computer

The 5V 1A power adapter is connected to the laser engraver via a USB A-A cable, and the data port on laser engraver is connected to the computer's USB port via a Mini USB cable.

Step 7: Prepare Images for Engraving

The Micro SD card containing sample images with resolution 512x512 pixels. In the future, you may use your own images for engraving, it is advised to convert the images to black and white colour & adjust the image size to 500*500 pixels.

Step 8: Safety

Laser can be very dangerous to the eyes, please wear protective glasses when engraving.

Step 9: Adjusting Focal Length

Before engraving, make sure adjust the focus of the laser lens corresponding to the thickness of the material.

Step 10: Laser Engraver Software

The laser engraver software for NEJE DK-5 Pro-5 does not need an installation, you can run it from your SD card. Double clicking the "Laser Carve_EN 2015." file should run the software, the picture below shows the main screen of the software.

Step 11: How to Use the Software

  1. Drag an image to the engraver preview window
  2. Click on "Send image to Machine" to send the image to the engraver controller
  3. Before you start carving, you may want to click on the "Carving Preview" button in order to see if the object is placed to the correct position. This is especially useful when you want to carving tiny materials such as toothpick, chopstick, etc.
  4. Clicking on the "Start" button, the machine should start carving.
  5. You can pause the machine any time by clicking on the "Pause" button. This is especially useful when you want to see how is the unfinished carving result.
  6. If the engraver machine already go into a PAUSED state, you must click on the "Start" button in order to continue carving.

Step 12: Carving Results

Higher resolution photos are available in my Flickr pages:



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    92 Discussions


    Question 5 months ago on Step 8

    Hello, what kind of glasses could I buy? There weren't any with the engraver


    Question 6 months ago on Step 9

    How I will adjustable the carving depth


    Question 6 months ago on Step 11

    It shows a message (sorry wrong file type) when I drag another image then I close software and click on inglés software again and the Engraving preview still right on the top can’t delete it that’s why It didn’t accept the new image i think, can anyone help me out please, thank you


    Question 1 year ago on Step 4

    Mine is stuck on auto connecting and when I try to download the driver it says PRE installed in advance.


    Wondering why the laser cache is still remembering an image I previously used. Every time I send a new image, the engraver still engraves the old image, which is no longer on the screen. thank you


    1 year ago


    I just installed my NEJE. The red powerlight burns and also the laser beam.

    The driver is installed correctly and visible in the hardwarelist.

    The graving program say the the port is open, but cant make an connection.

    Windows 7, Driver 11-06-2016 237k, NEJE v3.0 28-02-2017

    Please Help me.....


    2 years ago

    I am having a problem with ours. It's been working great.....until I changed the 'motor step pause' in the setting (button on bottom right of the GUI). It could just be a coincidence but I don't think so. Now, after loading a print up and starting it, it gets about halfway though the print and the starts to distort sideways (much like in the picture above the 'motor step pause' setting. I reset it to 35, which is what it was on originally after it started printing strangely, but it didn't seem to make a difference (I've tried a couple other numbers, but they had no effect that I could notice). I uninstalled the driver and re-installed it and it seemed to work...once. I've reset my laptop...unplugged the machine...tried a different USB port...everything I can think of. Can you help or is there a forum somewhere with this information (Google just seems to have reviews and people complaining). I'm at my wits end......ANY help or advice...or even a general vauge wave in a particular direction would be huuugely appreciated as I have printed dozens of times with it and it's hugely fun to play with....I have tooo many more things I have to label ha!

    PS the ppl who are having problems with their machine not burning, try adjusting the focus ring underneath the laser (wear the glasses). If it is out of focus, it just will barely even warm the surface.

    5 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    I got the same problem after just two days but the stepmotor setting, in the current software the slider on the bottom seems not to be the problem. What helps, but is defenitely not the final solution in my opinion, is making the picture smaller.

    The problem must be with the top axis it seems that when it gets, or to far down or to long in time, the software gets faulty. I am searching for an answer how to solve it but so far no luck. Anybody an answer? I'd like to hear, thx.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Adjusting focus is the first thing to do before starting the operation .When the laser stop burning in the middle of the process it is for sure another issue.

    Probably a shamanic chant combined with a de-focus and a re-focus will solve the issue ,but it all depends of the user's faith.


    Reply 2 years ago

    YES! I have been having the same problems which is how I found the site, but I must reiterate, I agree!!! I am chanting.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I replaced the ensamble diode/casing/driver ,~ 10 euro from BG ( 250mW ) plug'n play :D ,working great.


    Reply 2 years ago

    actually...I'll answer my own question....I changed that same number that was causing all of the problems from 35 (which seems to be the default) to 100 (it seems that the smaller the number the faster it goes, but that seems to make it 'slip' occasionally...and even after I changed it back from '5' to the default '35', it seemed to have caused some kind of semi-permanent has slowed it waaay would have been nice if they had mentioned that in ridiculous piece of toilet paper and just plain garbage that they laughingly refer to as the instruction manual (also the image is sharper and somehow nicer now too). So if anyone else is having that slippage problem, try changing the number from a small number to a larger one. :D

    William t rice

    2 years ago

    I use it two times but now it's not connecting to laptop it's saying connecting failed


    2 years ago

    Goodmorning! I
    have bought a Neje DK8 Pro 5. I have loaded with difficulty the driver
    and the software.The preview is ok and also the movements up, down, left
    and right. But at moment of carving it carve only a line (one
    dimension). What to do?Thanks. Carlo


    2 years ago

    I fix my neje .. and now motors is turning good.. but my laser is not burning anything.. I am trying on a normal white papper and focusing it very thinny.. but when its working .. nothing happen.. also I tryit with nylon .. what will I do .. why my laser is not engraving anything.. must I change laser.. ? which type laser must I use ?.. please help me ASAP..

    4 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Have you tried engraving something not-white? White can reflect the laser. I tried mine with a brownish paper and 0 problem


    Reply 2 years ago

    I did not remember but I try to carton which is not real snow white.. I will try..