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Introduction: How to Sew a Cute Cloche Hat

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I love vintage hats - and this Instructable is inspired by the cloche hats of the 1920s! Cloches were close-fitting hats that were worn quite low - almost down to the eyebrows. They were made in a variety of styles from brimless to turned-up brims. They only cost between $1 and $5 back then! This hat in the Instructable is quite easy to make - so let's get started.

Step 1: Materials Needed for DIY Cloche Hat & Pattern

Materials Needed:

  • half a yard of premium felt (or other material for hat)
  • sewing machine(I use the Brother CS600i - and love it)
  • hand-sewing needle, thread & pins
  • scissors or rotary cutting tool & mat (I highly recommend this if you do a lot of sewing and cutting)
  • pattern
  • *optional: starch (I used Sta-Flo liquid starch)

Before You Begin:

First, you can download the pattern piece in this step and print and cut them out.

Update!!! I've finally uploaded a PDF version of the pattern pieces that you can download. Just be careful that when you go to print out, you do not hit any special settings like "fit to frame," - just print it the size that it is. You will know it's the accurate size after printing it out and putting a ruler next to the ruler grid on the pattern pieces. It will be accurate or true-to-size.

The hat I made is for a head size approximately 21 1/2 inches. If you need to increase the hat size, you can do so by adding material to the ends of the pattern pieces. This tutorial here on increasing or decreasing a hat size pattern may help you.

The large flower on the hat I created was made from an online tutorial and free pattern download here. Thank you so much to Joy Kelley for the pattern for the beautiful felt camellias!

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Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces

First, cut out all the pattern pieces. Then, take the Hat crown front piece, wrong-side up and pin it to the hat top piece, also wrong-side up. Head over to the sewing machine and use a 1/2 inch seam allowance and stitch the pieces together. Once done, then turn it right-side out.

While still at the sewing machine with the material right-side out - look underneath the stitching to see the direction in which the under part of the seam is facing. Move it to one side (your choice as to left or right) and put the presser foot down. I chose to push the under part of the seam towards the back part of the hat (left). I then did a topstitch to the left of where the two pieces are joined (see image) while carefully pulling the material so there wouldn't be any bulges. Doing this creates a really nice finished-look for the hat, while also smoothing and flattening out the seams.

Step 3: Finishing Up the Main Part of the Hat

Now set that piece aside for a moment. Take the back crown piece and the back top piece. Lay them out as you see in my images - and pin them together. The back crown piece is the bigger piece. Sew them just as you did with the front crown and top pieces. It will get more difficult to do the top-stiching once you get to this point - so just take your time and be careful with it.

Once done,  the four pieces will be connected as follows: front crown piece, front top, back top and back crown piece. The crown pieces are larger. Try the hat on to see how it fits and lies on your head. If you prefer how it looks as it is - great. You may find that if you flip it so the back crown piece is in the front that you like how it looks that way - either way is fine. The main hat base is now completed!

Also, if for some reason the hat is slightly more snug than you prefer - you can get it damp (spray the inside with water) and put it on your head to sort of re-form it and stretch it a little bit.

Step 4: Adding the Brim

For this step, cut out the pattern piece for the brim. Have a pin ready as well as a needle and thread. Fold the tapered end in half (see image) and then in half again and pinch and pin it. Then sew that little end up - an inch and a 1/2 starting at the end. Then get more pins ready and start at one side of the hat. I started at the right front side of the hat and began pinning the brim on. It helps to pin the very end on first and then try the hat one and move the brim around to see how you like it. Some people may like it lower and others higher. Pin and try it on before your final pinning. Once you like the placement, then you'll need to sew it on. As you can see in the photos, you are only sewing it on from the top part of the brim. The bottom part will fold up.

The end of the brim will not be totally secured down. So you can also move it around how you like it and if you like, do just one or two small stitches to secure it onto the hat. I think it looks better this way - otherwise it may stick out awkwardly.

Step 5: Sewing the Flowers On

Now for the fun part! Time to cut out flowers and get them ready and then sew it on. I basically tried the hat on again after sewing the flowers and held the flowers to the side to determine where to pin it on. Once pinned and I was happy with the placement, I then hand-sewed them onto the side. If you didn't download the pattern for the flowers, it is available on Joy Kelley's website here - thank you Joy!

Next, before I forget to add this - you can fold the back side under about 1/2 inch or less and sew it under. It's also fine if you leave it un-sewn - that is up to you.

Now for the last step - if you have some starch to spray onto your hat to stiffen it up a little bit, that will help the hat keep its shape and stability.

Step 6: Finished Product

The cloche hat doesn't take too long to make. Once you have the basic hat shape - the fun thing is that you have unlimited options for customizing it the way you like it! It's fun wearing it too because you don't see these hats everyday - a lot of people have complimented. But my son still says he doesn't like it and it's not my style! I think it is - and I love it! :) Time to make some more...:)

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ive downloaded and tried to print ,, not changing the shrink to fit or anything and the pdf printout is soooooo small.. it not filling the page at all.


8 months ago

When I print the pattern it's very tiny. I've tried everything to enlarge it. Do I have to enlarge it myself on graph paper?

1 reply

On my printer, I had to use Fit to Printable Area to fit the pattern to a full size. It allowed me to preview my pattern pages prior to printing. The first time I printed it, it was very small as well. Hope this helps!

This pattern would be great if the fold line words were on the actual pattern piece and if there were notches to line up each piece. A single notch is typically used for the front pieces and a double notch for the back. Also, number the pieces 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then you could say sew 1 & 2 together etc. The notches also help you know which ones are which once you have them sewn together. I put a pin at the center point (fold line) to help placement of each piece but wasn't even sure if the 2 curved pieces should go together as the center piece hung over the edge from the front piece. I had no clue what was the front or back once sewn and just put the front band on the side I thought looked right on my head. I made mine out of a scrap of fleece for a first try. I didn't really understand the directions on how to sew the band on the front piece. The picture looks like you just stitched the together band on top of the hat body instead of making a proper seam. I think I need to work on the front band part to make it look better. I hated it on me but my husband thought it was cute. I will have to work it out with real fabric next.

2 replies

Sharon How do I get the pattern pieces? I printed out the instructions but I need the pattern pieces with the sizes on them. I tired everything and getting frustrated. My email is

There’s a place on the page for a pdf. Look at thre very top right under the page title. That one doesn’t work for me. Scroll down to just before Step 2 in the instructions and click on the Download there. Good luck!

Such a cute hat! Trying to make it for a cancer patient, but am on my third try to get it right! The pictures are great, but don't get the job done as to which pieces go together where. Maybe you could add some markings on the pattern pieces indicating which pieces go together. Love the flower!

I am a premium member and it still ask me to become on when i try to down load this pattern. Please help!!! I want to make this for my friend who is fighting cancer

1 reply

Hi Sower, if you look at the first step again - I just uploaded a PDF version of the pattern for you (and anyone else!) so it should be much easier now. When you print it, just be sure to print it at its normal size (don't do fit to frame or anything like that) - hope it helps!

I keep hitting I don't want premium and it won't let me down load the pattern cloche hat, anyone know why?

so please tell us what percentage we should do to print it out? Like one hundred percent or 75 percent. So that I can get it to the 21 and 1/2 inches print out size?

Hi, love the hat. I'm a bit confused about what size to print the pattern out in printer options, as it's seems too big when I try. Cheers

I love it

Sorry I didn't get back to you, but I have felted wool knitted items. I have found several sites that sell wool felt fabric and it is quite reasonable in a wide variety of colors.