How to Sew a Tablet Sleeve





A tablet/laptop Sleeve is perfect to cover and protect your electronics.

Time: 20 minutes

-fabric 1/4 yard or more depending on size of your tablet /laptop.
-cotton batting
-thread and other sewing tools
-measuring tools
-buttons (optional)

So easy to make! I made one for everyone in my house!

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Step 1: Measure & Cut

1. Measure your tablet or laptop that your making the sleeve for. Add 1 inch seam allowance.Cut the fabric.

* I bought 1/4 yard fabric squares pre-cut from Walmart for 97 cents. It was the perfect size for the pattern.

2. Next, measure the fabric batting exactly the length and width of your tablet.

3. Iron the fabric, if needed.

4. Last, lay the batting inside of the fabric.

5. Fold the seam/fabric over the batting, Pin the edges in.

Time to sew!

Step 2: Sew

1. Sew down both sides.

2. Fold the top seam down .5 inch and sew. Do the same for the bottom seam.

3. Fold the fabric in half, Leaving 2-3 inches for the flap at the top.

4. Sew down both sides.

5. Next, add velcro/button/snap or whatever you like, to the inside of flap to close the sleeve.

Step 3: Finish

I added buttons to the top of the flap for a decorative look.

The sleeve is prefect to hold my tablet, charger and whatever else I need.



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