How to Share Android Screen With PC or Mac Without USB/WiFi


Introduction: How to Share Android Screen With PC or Mac Without USB/WiFi

Sometimes, you may want to mirror Android screen to PC or Mac so that you can conveniently share the phone screen with others. It's very simple using USB cable. There are many desktop software which can help you with it, such as Apowersoft Phone Manager, iTools and Vysor. Besides, some apps like Mobizen, AirDroid allow you to display Android screen on PC when WiFi is available. However, what if you cannot get access to either USB or WiFi? Don't worry. Here provides a nice solution on how to share Android screen with PC or Mac without USB or WiFi.

Step 1: Using a Free Wireless App

Recently, a file transfer app called AirMore becomes very hot. Many famous websites have reviewed it comprehensively. However, apart from its function in wireless file transfer, people may ignore a very useful feature of this tool: reflecting Android screen to PC/Mac. This app works whether there is WiFi available or not. Now, let's see how to share your Android screen with PC or Mac without WiFi. Before that, you need to install AirMore on your Android phone.

  1. Open this app. Tap "Hotspot" and it will be activated. A hotspot name and password will be produced automatically. You can always change it by yourself.
  2. Connect your PC or Mac to the hotspot.
  3. Enter the provided IP address into the browser on your computer.
  4. Tap "Accept" when a dialog pops up on your Android. Then your phone will be linked to the computer.
  5. Click "Reflector" tab on web. Tap "START NOW" and your phone will be displayed on the computer screen.

In this way, you can still share your Android screen with PC and Mac even there is no WiFi or USB. But remember this function requires that your Android system is above 5.0.



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    7 Discussions


    8 months ago

    Does this method use tethering data? Also, can you mirror the screen to a projector to watch movies?

    Great tutorial. It works really well between my latop and galaxy note 4

    What about the nvidia shield...will it work on that?

    Can you play games on the tablet then it will show on the computer?

    2 replies

    Yes, you can download the apk file from its website and install it on your tablet. As long as your tablet is running Android 5.0 and above, you can use it to reflect your tablet screen to PC/Mac.