How to Solder LEDs Using a Simple Jig




Introduction: How to Solder LEDs Using a Simple Jig

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Holding LED's in place for soldering can be a bit tricky. So I invented a simple jig to make the process easier. I will explain how to make duplicates of the jig, but it is real easy to make just one. An alternative method is to clamp two pieces of wood together, then drill between them.

Materials Required
Any block of wood over 25mm square




Masking Tape

Tools Required

5mm Drill


7mm wide Screw Driver


A saw of some kind

Soldering Iron

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Step 1: Making the Jig

Step 2: Using the Jig

Step 3: Feedback

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    cheers koko.

    Obviously switch to a 3mm Drill for smaller LEDs.

    I hope it has made life easier for you.