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School is in full-swing and I bet you are getting tired. Don't lose hope! This Instructables will teach you helpful study habits that even I use for school! I hope you enjoy, please continue reading for a special chance please. V

Sorry for being away for so long, school, cats, and other things have taken me away from Instructables. I had run dry of ideas, but post any idea you have in the comments and if I select it I will do a collab with LoomPiggyTutorials (hopefully) and we will FOR SURE give you a shout-out. ;)

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Step 1: Agendas Help

Obviously, agendas help... Okay?

Just kidding, put very specific things in there that you would usually think. Like, "at 4:30 study science for 45 minutes, then snack." and check and follow it. To keep your agenda uncluttered, put squares next to your tasks and put a checkmark in it once you are with the task.

Step 2: What Your Workstation Should (and Should Not) Look Like


Distracting phones, computers, UNLESS it is for your work.

Only one thing out, everything's messy. and gross.





Another colour highlighter

Binder (Or file folder in my case)


Clean Area

Some other stuffz

Step 3: Tools



Two hightlighters

Friend to help on occasion

Step 4: Study Tips:


-Use two different colour highlighters.

-Underline very important terms like dates and names with one colour. (My choosen colour is pink for this.)

-Underline terms you want to know in the other colour. (My choosen colour

Testing Yourself:

-You must say everything that is in pink.

- Later on you must say everything in pink and normal colour.

- Unhighlighted terms are fine to skip over.


Have a healthy snack every thirty minutes or so for yums-yums! Healthy snacks help you study better and feel better! Since I wasn't in the mood to make a two Instructables in one I didn't show a really yummy recipe I have, but if you want an Instructables later about my recipe, just let me know in the comments!

Step 6: Focus

Taking pictures of your cat doesn't help with this.

Once all those little boxes are checked, you are free do to whatever!!!

Put away everything, and then you're done! BOOM!

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    4 years ago

    Haha, great Instructable, Ashley. "It's not a question, it's a formula"... I sounded so intelligent

    4 replies

    Hehehe, yeah, you did. I am surprised of the enormous (for a starter like me) amount of views for this Instructables in such a short amount of time(around four hours)! I am so excited to start making more! Also, are you up for the ceremonial collab?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Sure! Or one of those things like "How To Make a Fist" or "How to Walk". Those things get a lot of views...


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my goodness! Five favourites! Call it lame if you want, but I love seeing those stats come up! definatly posting WAYYY more Instructables! Give me your ideas, and I will give you a shout-out if I make it into an Instructables! Thanks so much! <3