How to Tie an Ediety Knot for a Special Occasion

Introduction: How to Tie an Ediety Knot for a Special Occasion

Tie Terms

The Blade is represented by the wider end of the tie The Tail is represented by the narrow end. The Steam is represented by the stitching part of the necktie.

Warnings/ Disclaimer

Do not attempt if you are in a rush. Use solid or dark colored ties with caution. Use a long necktie Don’t use thick neckties. Must wear a vest or jacket with this type of necktie.

Step 1: Start With the Tie Around Your Neck

Step 2: Adjust the Blade With a 3:1 Ratio With the Tail End of the Tie.

Step 3: Cross the Tail Over the Front of the Blade.

Step 4: Take the Blade and Bring It Up and Over the Tail and Through the Neckhole.

Step 5: Cross the Blade Horizontally Across the Knot.

Step 6: Take the Blade and Feed It Under and Through the Neckhole.

Step 7: Note: the Tie Should Be Faced Backwards As Shown in the Picture.

Step 8: As in Step #5 Cross the Blade Horizontally Behind the Knot

Step 9: Then Through the Top of the Neckhole.

Step 10: Feed the Blade Through the Hole That Was Created.

Step 11: Lastly Tighten the Knot by Pulling the Tail



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