How to Unroll & Roll Fire Hose & Take in and Out of Service




Introduction: How to Unroll & Roll Fire Hose & Take in and Out of Service

I will be showing a step by step to unroll and roll fire hose

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Step 1: Pick Up Hose

Step 2: Grab Hose Male Coupler Facing Forward

Step 3: Two Fingers Under First Lay of Coupler

Step 4: In a Swinging Motion With Hose (ring Finger and Little Finger Holding Second Lay

Step 5: Swing in a Bowling Motion

Step 6: Release Little Finger and Ring Finger

Step 7: If Hose Doesn't Unroll Completely, Unroll Hose and Make Sure It Is Lying Flat

Step 8: To Correctly Roll an Inservice Hose Starting With the Male Coupling Fold Over Top of Hose and Continue Rolling Motion

Step 9: After Rolling Hose Lay Hose on Side

Step 10: Stepping on Hose Roll Make Sure Hose Is Flat

Step 11: If Hose Is Out of Service

Step 12: Unroll Hose

Step 13: Make Sure Hose Is Completely Flat

Step 14: Roll Hose With the Female Coupling on the Inside

Step 15: Lay Hose on Side

Step 16: Stand on Hose Making Sure Hose Is Flat

Step 17: When Taking a Hose Out of Service and Rolling Backwards You Must Document Hose Number That Was Taken Out of Service

Step 18: Then Replace the Out of Service Hose With a Functioning in Service Hose

Step 19: If You Are Interested in Learning How to Roll Hose Please Contact Your Local Fire Department

Step 20: Maybe I Can Teach You How to Roll Hose

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    4 years ago

    This was very interesting. Thanks for sharing the process!