How to Use Regular CFL Bulbs in Your Aerogarden Using Cheap Growing Light Adapters (2.50$ for a Pair)

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I recently received an Aerogarden 7 as a gift and I have to say it’s pretty amazing. The only downside to this machine is that it’s using expensive grow light bulbs with a specific connector that is hard to find at your local hardware store. I found out that it’s easy to use regular CFL in your Aerogarden. You don’t have to modify the Aerogarden in any way like I have seen some people doing. I simply used some cheap adapters. You can get a pair of those for about 2.50$ on ebay. I have used them for a few days and they work fine. These adapters can save you a lot of money!

Check the video for a complete review and to see the difference between the original growing lamps and the one I could get from the hardware store.


Materials required:

-Aerogarden growing light adapters (, CA, UK, DE, FR) (Aliexpress) (Amazon)

-Regular CFL (Amazon)

-Aerogarden (eBay)


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Disclaimer: Aerogarden recommend that you use their growing lights. I am not responsible for any accidents or damages.

Step 1: Get the Adapters and CFL Bulbs

I’m using Sylvania CFL as a replacement (100W equivalent, day light 6500K).

The adapters are compatible with any regular CFL bulbs and with Aerogardens using #100340 or 100629 lamps; AeroGarden 3, AeroGarden 3SL, AeroGarden 6, SpaceSaver 6, AeroGarden 7, AeroGarden ULTRA, and the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden EXTRA.

Step 2: Plug It and Enjoy!

Check the video to see the difference between the original growing lamps and those I could get from the hardware store.



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