How to Use a Knitting Loom

Introduction: How to Use a Knitting Loom

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Step 1: What You Need

Bulky yarn
Loom and hook

Step 2: Anchoring the Yarn

On the knitting loom there should be a little peg off to the side of the loom tie a square knit with your yarn onto that anchoring your yarn

Step 3: Putting Yarn on the Pegs

Use the yarn that is anchored on the peg and take it into the center of the loom in between the pegs. Then from there rap around the peg
To go to the next peg continue doing this step. REMEMBER to always start wrapping around from the inside and go around the loom two times. once you are done anchor that yarn onto the peg you used before and do not remove the old knit

Step 4: Knitting

Use the hook to pick up the loop on the bottom and then pull over the peg without letting the top one go repeat for the whole loom and then to do another row just wrap the pegs around the loom again but only one time this time.

That is how you use a knitting loom

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    3 years ago

    Thanks pairsusa your instructables are really good to I hope you vote for me


    3 years ago

    Hi, this is a good intro but when I first started using a loom (a few years ago) I had to watch many different videos because I just didn't get it! It is actually easy once you get the hang of it!