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Wigs are awesome, but they can be hard to wear with long hair. This tutorial will show you how to tuck and hide all that long hair so you can wear a wig with long hair!

*As shown by my picture, wigs make you happy!

Just a warning, if your wig is tight (small) and/or you have thick hair, this still might not work with your hair, but try it out to see :)

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Step 1: Braid

First, here is what I used.

  • Wig - The wig I used was a short black one I bought from ebay for my Halloween costume.  Stay tuned to see it!
  • Wig Cap - these are pretty cheap.
  • Bobby Pins - Roller pins work really nice
We are going to start by doing separating your hair right down the middle and doing two french braids.

Here is a tutorial on how to do a French Braid.

Step 2: Swirl and Tuck Braids

Now we are going to swirl and tuck those braids into a Heidi Braid hairstyle.

I take the first braid and bring it under the opposite braid and up and around the front of my head.  Originally I secured the braid at my crown, but this time I secured it a couple inches from the crown of my head.  When it was at the front of my head it seemed to catch and hold the wig on better, but I feel it was more noticeable.  You can put the braids wherever you want.

I secured the braid with bobby pins around the front.  I left it looser at the back, but you can bobby pin that if you want too.

After securing the first braid, I took the next braid and crossed that under the opposite braid and brought it around the front of the previous braid.  I, again, secured it with bobby pins.

Step 3: Hair Cap

If you don't have a hair cap, that's fine.  I used a hair cap to help hold the braids in place, to keep the bobby pins from sticking into the wig, and to help hold in those stray hairs.

Try to tuck as much hair under the cap as you can.

Step 4: Wig Time!

Time to put on your wig!

Since I had the braids at the base of my skull, I found it easier to put the wig on starting from there.  The braids help hold the wig so it doesn't try to slide right off as you stretch it over your head.

Optional: once the wig is on, you can use bobby pins or other hair clips to hold the wig on.  Mine had a hook at the back I could use to tighten it.

Enjoy your ability to hide your long hair and wear a wig!

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1 year ago

Awesome! I have to try this!~ My long hair has always enabled me from wigs.


3 years ago

i do exactly this when wearing wigs except I haven't mastered french braiding my own hair yet, it works just as well with just pigtails though! I had a different hair do for four straight days at Burning Man last year, I found that i didn't over heat since I had short wigs it was less hassle and generally cooler

1 reply
Penolopy BulnickKeigh

Reply 3 years ago

Nice to know pigtails work too! Thanks for sharing the info. Wigs are such fun aren't they :)


5 years ago on Introduction

You should try a short hair wig, just to find out how you look with short hair : some women can be awesome with short hair. Can you believe it : turning yourself from very beautiful to awesome woman ?

BTW no "overheating" under that wig ???…

2 replies

Oh, I plan on trying a short wig! I have been eyeing one for this years halloween costume. And I don't think it got hot, but I was wearing it in the fall, might get hotter under the sun in the summer.

XBL Hair

4 years ago on Introduction

good hair. XBL Hair Company 100% Virgin Remy human Hair products -

I bought a 2 pack on ebay, but you can also find them on amazon. I have trouble putting links in comments, but I linked to some in the Instructable that you can find on Amazon.


5 years ago

Hi, this is a great insructable but you should add more words.

1 reply

5 years ago on Introduction

May I just say you look great in all three looks! your natural...your braid (love that!) and the wig.(so different!)

Awesome! Can you make an Instructable on how to keep long hair happy and healthy? Yours looks amazing! Sadly, that's not always the case with such long hair.