How to Wrap a Flat Gift

Introduction: How to Wrap a Flat Gift

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So, you've mastered the art of rectangular box wrapping, have you? Good. But what if you don't have a rectangular gift to wrap? What if your gift is flat? Well, I had one of those this year, so I thought I would document it and show you how. And the good news is, it's even easier than rectangular gifts!

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Step 1: Prepare Your Gift for Wrapping

If your gift isn't in a box or anything, you might want to give it a shield of cardboard. (You can see the gift below, and how it would probably cut through the wrapping paper if I didn't wrap it in cardboard first) Just take some thin cardboard and wrap it around, securing with tape. 

Step 2: Fold Two Sides

You can see that even with the cardboard, the gift is still flat. without the 6 different sides a square would have. Set the gift face side down on your wrapping paper (which should be cut so that two opposing sides can meet with some excess) Crimp over one edge so it's clean. Then fold both to meet the center, crimped edge on top.

Step 3: Fold Edges

Rotate the gift so the edge is facing you. Take one corner and fold it in. Do the other corner as well, making a point. Fold the tip of the point over a little, and then fold the flap as far as it will go to the center of the gift.

Step 4: Repeat

Do Step 3 again, but on the other side. Your gift is now wrapped!

Step 5: Decorate

For this gift, I decided to do a ribbons around the corners style. Flip the present so  the top is facing the ground. Take some ribbon, and loop it around a corner. Loop the same piece of ribbon around the corner that's kitty corner to that one. Secure with a bit of tape. You can stop there, or you can do the other two corners the same way.

Add a gift tag and maybe a bow, and you're done!

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