How to Write Name on Rice ?





Introduction: How to Write Name on Rice ?

I have seen in some tourist places in my country, artists write your name on a piece of rice.

So it created some interest in me to write name on rice myself.

For this project I had written my name in short AKS & DIY,

Step 1: Materials Used


Soap bar

Microtip pen

Tweezers (if needed)

I had used soap to keep rice stable while writing

Step 2: How to Write?

First of all take soap bar, put rice in gaps in the name of the soap or if there is no gap on soap use any sharp object to make some gap to put it like tweezers or sharp object .

After putting the rice in stable state on rice, take micro point pen and write on it.

Put the ink to dry for some time and use tweezer or use hand to take the rice

I had written AKS & DIY on rice, you can write anything which fits on rice.



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    hawk090535 its why you should write on rice its just a great way to write a message to someone who has passed away to put into your keepsake piece for you -or just to imobilize a date in time or a person or even a memory on a few pieces of rice -either way its a great idea for some but not for everyone

    Hi, sorry for the stupid question but why should I write something on rice? :-D:-D

    6 replies

    I don't know where they get the jewelry but the grain of rice is sealed in a small clear vial and it becomes a necklace. Children's names are often written on the grain then sealed in this tiny glass tube and often bought by mothers as necklaces or as a keychain. Think they can put more than one grain in the tiny vial.

    First time I saw it I was amazed. Could be very marketable.


    Because apparently some people think it's fun for some reason :)

    writing on rice is an micro art, and some people have even written the Indian National Anthem on 6 rice grains.

    interesting... too bad my handwriting is so big =/

    Great what happens if you drop the rice

    Hey, good idea with the soap to hold the rice. I always thought they used a pair of tweezers to hold the rice grain. I also guess it depends on what type of rice as some are wider or longer than others and can fit more writing. I suppose one could even draw designs, or write even smaller on a grain for a challenge!