How to Arrange Sleeping Space in Peugeot Partner Tepee





Introduction: How to Arrange Sleeping Space in Peugeot Partner Tepee

Peugeot Partner is quite a nice car. It's not only spacious and convenient, but also easy to drive and frugal. There's plenty of space for 5 adults to travel relatively comfortably, and a lot of luggage space in its boot.

But let's see what else can we squeeze out of it!

Step 1: Moving Front Seats

Raise the driver's seat as much as possible by pulling the lever on its front right side up. This way we will get some extra length for mattress space. Then slide both front seats fully forward. Now we have easy access for dealing with back seats.

Step 2: Removing Central Seat

Now let's remove central seat. That's easy as 1-2-3 ... 4:

Fold down the seat's back (1), tilt the seat up (2), unlock it (3) and lift it up (4).

Now place the seat on its back on the passenger's front seat (5).

Notice: I have tried to fold the passenger's seat first and then place back central seat on top of it, but it doesn't seems stable enough and we don't save that much space this way. Also when the passenger seat is not folded, we keep access to the tray on its back which may be great for holding a mug of tea and snacks.

Step 3: Placing Side Seats

At this point we have tree seats in front and more space in the back.

Remove both remaining back seats exactly the same way as the central one. It's easier to keep them placed inside car instead of taking them out. There's plenty of space to manoeuvre them easily. 

Removed seats turn 90 degrees inward and place them on the floor just behind the front seats.

This way we can squeeze a 90 cm wide mattress. Not much for a couple. Good thing is the seats for pretty flat and even surface.

Step 4: Even Wider Space!

If you need some more space you can extend it to even 110 cm!

You just need to tilt the seats' backs a little bit and push seats aside. This way you will get less even surface and a gap in the middle of seats, but this will be no problem at all if you decide to sleep with you heads on the back of the car and legs in the front.

Step 5: Conclusion

With very little time and effort and no extra money you can transform your Peugeot Partner Tepee into a comfortable micro camper van. No carpentry skills, no tools and no other materials needed! All you need now is a mattress. Inflatable one, used properly will last long and let you sleep well and will use very little of your luggage space. And as you have a car with you, equip yourself with 12V mattress pump to avoid exhausting blowing part.

This way you can travel comfortably with kids and let them sleep in a tent outside, or travel just with your partner and still have plenty of space for picking hitch-hikers on your way!

Last thing. As Peugeot cooperates tightly with other French car manufacturers this instructable may work as well with Citroen Berlingo and Renault Kangoo.



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    12 Discussions

    Imagine my surprise, that I am the first to notice your tape measurer is broken. It seems all the imperial standard fractional markings have fallen off! This will make it impossible to measure or build anything correctly!


    This is great! Thanks so much for posting! May I ask... does the Partner come in only 1 length? Cos I know the Berlingo has 2 different lengths. If it also comes in 2 lengths, which is featured in this article? Also, what year is this model?

    We are hoping to do a Peugeot Tourist Lease, so want to make sure we select the correct car.

    Thanks! Anna

    That's exactly what you need. I don't know anything more specific than Partner Tepee. It was my stuff car, so I actually didn't have any chance to test it with a mattress.

    I didn't Google it. I first used conversions dug from the recesses of my dusty old brain. then checked a book and found I was wrong.

    ok. I was wrong. It is closer to 40 miles per gallon. sips diesel like a bird!

    1 reply

    According to Google's calculation 40 mpg is about 5.9 litres / 100 km. 5.2 would be 45 mpg. But I don't know which empire (British or American) Google takes into account for its calculation.

    I'm curious. I did some math. I think I did it right. You get about 21.6 miles to the gallon. is this good for European small vans? I have a Ford f 150 double cab long bed 4x4 that gets 20 miles per gallon. it has a 5.4 liter engine and automatic transmission. Your van should be getting minimum 40 mpg. Am I way off, or should I start exporting American vehicles?

    Great idea. Thanks! I'm considering a new car. This might make this a winner.

    2 replies

    If you take it's consumption into consideration it's a great car! I use now 5.2 l/100 km on average. It's a 1.6 diesel.