How to Build a Giant Skateboard

Introduction: How to Build a Giant Skateboard

Have you ever wanted to be that "cool kid?" Have you ever hated walking to class? Well with the giant skateboard, you can cruise to class on some hot wheels and have everyone stare in aw as they jealously adore you. Oh you want one do you now? You think the price with be too high to actually be able to buy? Well you can actually make it! Here are a few easy tips that can help you create this giant skateboard. 

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Step 1: Material List

8 - 2"x 3" cut piece of wood 

8 - 3/8 Bolts to fit wheels

2 - 2'x8" cut to fit piano mover

Atleast 40 - 2" Wood screws to put threw the 2'x8" and 2"x3"


The actual board - inch thick 4'x 8'

Two sets of piano movers 

Step 2: Steps to Build

1. Unscrew screws and wheels from piano movers 

2. Drill a hole threw the 2"x 3" horizontally so that the hole goes all the way threw

3. Insert the larger bolt threw the wheel and the 2"x 3", screw down the 2"x 3" with two woods screws and and to keep it from coming loose screw on the end screw at came with the piano mover already on it  (repeat on all 8 wheels)

4. Drill a 2'x 6" board on top of the piano mover creating a top for the wheels. I used two nails on both sides making it four nails per board. 

5. Place the wheels closer towards the front (this way the board is capable of leaning back to steer like a regular skateboard) and drill them into the 4'x 8' (drill as many times as wanted, but I drilled in two even lines of four nails for both sets of wheels) 

6.  Now paint it however wanted and it's completed and ready for cruisin (don't forget to wait for the paint to dry before using it) Enjoy :) 

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