How to Change Icons for Folders (Mac Os X)

A tutorial for mac newbies wanting to change the picture icon for there folders

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Step 1: Get Your Mac Started

Alright Now if you know this already and think its stupid, keep your comments to yourself! I had my Ibook for 2 years and didn'i know this until I figured it out yesterday.

Alright, First Things first, Start your mac and get to your Desktop!

Step 2: Find Your Pic or File

Find your Folder that you want to steal the pic from, ill use my World of Warcraft Folder. Oh yeah,f you found your own Icon/pic just copy it (apple C) and skip this step. Ok once you found your file, control click it (right click) then click get info, see Pic 2. Once the "get info" window comes up click on the icon in the top left corner, see pic 3. once that is highlighted copy it ) click "Edit, Copy, see Pic 3, or just press Apple and C to copy it.

Again, For a Pic just open it and copy it.

Step 3: Paste It to Your Folder of Choice

ok you have the pic/ Icon copied, right? good. now, find the destination folder ( the one you want to change the icon) and control click it. "click get info" and click the icon at the top. Now click "Edit-Paste" it should Paste the image you copied. the folder should show up as that image! Done, now do it to your friends computers! lol.

if you cant copy or paste the image it may be a Permission problem. Dont worry its easy to fix, control click the file and click get info. click the arrow that points to Ownership & Permissions then details. now just switch the Owner to you. This should fix it :)

thx for looking( I know its long for how easy it is but I wanted it extemely understalndable.

How did I take the pics? press apple-Shift-3 amd walla! the pic will pop up on your desktop!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    If you like to change your folder icons Head over for a tribune folder set of Steve Jobs and more to be added as time goes on.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    that was the best way to change your icons and make them look cool


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Faster way to do it is to APPLE + I on an icon, which will open the info window. Click the icon and copy it (APPLE +C). Open the info window of the icon you want to change and click the icon, then paste (APPLE + V). :)

    1 reply

    12 years ago on Introduction

    For best results, if you're using a picture, is to adjust the size of the picture to 128x128. You can easily do this in iPhote. Set "Constrain" to "Square" and adjust for the area of the picture you want to use. Click the "Crop" button. Then select File -> Export and adjust the size to 128x128 and export it to the desktop. You can now open the adjusted picture with Preview and copy it for pasting into the icon.

    1 reply