How to Cool Down Onkyo Receiver





Onkyo receivers have serious problems with over heating.

I highly recommend to you, to do something like this.

This cost me 0€/$ and works perfect!

And what is so special on this project? Fans go ON & OFF with receiver and they are inside of case ;)!!!

You must disable HDMI Thru!

Step 1:

I found this cables with 12V on HDMI motherboard.

For protect connections I used Sugru.

Step 2:

I had to remove PC/VGA connector, because there is not enough space for another fan.

Step 3:

A little bit modified fan holder;)

Step 4:

Both fans are connected to new 12V wires.

The left fan is original and blows up/out.

The right fan I add and blows down.

They are a little bit noisy. But unheard when I listen music or watch movies.

Some day I would maybe upgrade with 4 slim and quite fans.

Step 5:



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4 years ago on Introduction

As a repair technician at Onkyo's west coast regional service center, I would recommend against wiring a fan into the power lead for the HDMI board. Often called the Processing Board, it is responsible for all of the Audio and Video processing for the unit, as well as memory storage and all basic functions. It is also rather picky about its power input. It is the receiver's most important (and most expensive) part, and I would hate to see yours come across my workbench. I would recommend wiring both of the fans to an external wall adapter and running the wires out through the hole where the PC input was located. However if you insist on wiring the fans to the units interior I will check the service manuals and see if I cant find you a safer place to do so.

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Reply 4 months ago

That is very helpful & sensible advice! Much appreciated!

It is illogical and unhelpful to blame or interrogate you for this issue... Not to mention rude! Especially while you are just trying to help and share your professional knowledge.


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thank you for your opinion! I'm glad that someone from "inside" see what problems users have.

I'm very very curious why onkyo leave that receivers goes so hot and users have problems with dead components?? I had issues with audio and video outputs.

With these two fans I cool down receiver to 32 degrees celsius! Only with stock fan receiver was so hot I couldn't hold my hand on it (I didn't know for secret menu so I didn't see the temperature).

I hate when users have problems and must searching for solutions which should make engineers!

Yes please check the service manuals for better wiring. Thank you for your time!


1 year ago

If i can make a suggestion... Onkyo have a cooling scheme option which is perfect you have to buy some of the components and make soldering them in to Onkyo board. I made it on my tx-sr606 with two coolers. I reposition thermal sensor to be on HDMI and one cooler get switch on when temp. get high. If i switched volume too high, two coolers get on.

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Reply 1 year ago

Great! Even better than my project. Thank you!!!


4 years ago

it would be much better if the booth fans would be blowing on a heatsink. For electronics part use simple switcher converter which would be connected to the primary of transformer and than you have temperature controller so the fans aren't on 100% all the time

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Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

The first idea was to use a "thermal sensor" that automatically regulate the fan speed. But after test I saw that is not necessary.

I didn't found useful output on transformer.


4 years ago on Introduction

Really cool idea to add an aftermarket cooling system! Thanks for sharing!