How to Create a Bikini





Introduction: How to Create a Bikini

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You'll be rocking this summer with this stylish bikini! Ruffles on the top and a simple bottom. Besides saving money the process is very easy! Simple steps and so little of sewing! 

Step 1: You Will Need.

1. Fabric: Lycra.
2. Chalk.
3. Sewing Machine
4. Scissors.

I'm sure you're wondering: "That will not fit my bust" or "How can I make the top for my size?"

Well... Everything has a solution :) 

First of all you can add more fabric to give a lot more support, straps would help too.

Step 2: First Step

Let's make the Top.

Picture #1: Measure the length of the front of the bust and cut. This will be the front of the bikini.

Picture #2 and Picture #3: See the line on the Picture? Sew that part.

Picture #4: For this part, you can use a chalk to draw the lines you see on the picture. The shape is almost like a perfect triangle. You need two pieces of triangle.

Picture #5 and Picture #6: See how put the pieces and unite with the other ruffle fabric, pin it, then sew it together.

Picture #7: Tight on the middle with a strap of fabric.

Picture #8: Will look like this :)

Step 3: Second Step

For the bottom.

Picture #9: With the help of a underwear or a old bikini that fits you well, mark on the fabric the pattern.

Picture #10 and Picture #11: Will look like you see on the picture, then cut the fabric.

Picture #12 and Picture #13: Now do the hem, on the edges and sew.

Picture #14: And that's it! You have now your own bikini! :)



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    42 Discussions

    I really like the way u make thebikini , it's make it more inspirational because u r sexy

    Guapisima! Keep the videos coming. Great job. I wish you the best.

    I always like your video's. Yes, you're a beautiful woman, however I really like how simple you make things. I'm a guy and all, but even I could see myself being able to do this with no experience, and just your video playing on repeat.

    Great job, keep em coming please!

    1 reply

    Thank you Maxor! I really appreciate! You're very nice!! I'm sending you my best! :)

    uff, ¡muy bien hecho! el video es impresionante. gracias a las fotos coser un bikini me parece muy fácil. lástima que no necesito ;-)
    algùn día me encantaría viajar a este parque nacionál tan lindo.
    gracias por la información, que música has usado. ¡me gusta mucho!
    ¡saludos desde la vieja tierra!

    1 reply

    es muy lindo Paraguay, me encantaría que algun día conozcas :) La música es de una banda muy popular aquí en mi país, Kchiporros. Saludoss! ;) are gorgeous! The cossie is good but you’d look great even in an old rug...

    1 reply

    Looks great, just one tip... If you don't want to spend the day picking your bottom out of your butt (wedgie) you need to put some elastic in the hems to prevent them from slipping between your cheeks every time you move. ;)

    1 reply